Ethical challenges when you are facing an E-Business

Got ethics ?

The ethical challenges against an e-business is that it is relying on the internet to sell their goods and services. But the relative anonymity of the transactions, speed of the information which can be easily sent and ease with which it is aggregated created issues surrounding privacy that the owner of an E-business should be aware of.

Privacy Invasion

This is a challenge which is related to the customer. Every time you made your payment online, there will be a lot of information will left behind, such as your personal Email address, credit card information, your phone number or your delivery address. Unlike the normal store you go the only record of the transaction maybe only the receipt or some surveillance video. Don’t you curious sometime you will get some commercial texts, calls or emails from someone you don’t know. This is one of the ways they had your information, the ‘foot print’ that you leave down after you make your payment they collect it.

Email Spamming

E-mail spamming, also known as unsolicited commercial e-mail to broadcast unwanted advertisements. Many people spam their e-mail is trying to get people’s financial information in order to defraud them. Let’s me show you a funny video about this.

Fake Goods

Sometime when you purchase branded goods or some unique product is because you are easier to find and it is cheaper than it sells in the store. But when you are really unlucky that day, you might pay an unworthy price for a fake good. And normally into  this kind of situation you won’t really get a refund from the seller. I happened to invovlve with such bad luck thing when I was in Secondary school. I bought a branded perfume on the website, call ‘Taobao’, it was quite cheap and I don’t really have much allowance so I check out and made my payment. The moment I open the package and I smell the perfume I knew it wasn’t a real product and I was really mad so I give them a bad comment. One day later they texted me and ask me to delete the comment so they will refund me back the money. I accepted, but I did feel bad, because if I delete the comment, there will be more victims.

That’s about it today! Thanks for reading it and have a nice weekend everyone.


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2 thoughts on “Ethical challenges when you are facing an E-Business

  1. Hi Sunny!

    I like how you break it down into categories, making it easier to understand. It is scary how some businesses go to such extend to earn extra money by selling fake goods (I personally find it very common especially online since you can Google for it) and many people still fall for the bait. What do you think is one of the ways for us to prevent getting fake goods off the net? To search and read on more reviews or just buy from a reputable website?

    On top of that, not all of our information are secured with the businesses and we should be very be careful when it comes to sharing our credit cards number or even something that doesn’t seem like it will bring any harm, your email.

    Overall, a simple post that brings the message across, keep up the good work!



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